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Chase Tolleson creatively and scientifically designs minds and bodies, and is known as the "CEO Whisperer" for his success in leading professionals in uncovering their hidden potential through thoughtful examination of their internal limitations.


Chase's career started in the Navy where he served 4 years and gained valuable insight into what the mind and body can do, realizing the importance of making health and personal development realistic for a demanding schedule and workdays that went as long as 36 hours. Upon exiting the military, he built a boutique fitness and training facility and implemented a personal development program to work hand in hand, to help individuals truly step into their most powerful selves. The success of this grew into four more branches that were led by mentees of his.


With Crementum, Chase brings his development approach to impact all the individuals working within the acquired businesses. Peter Drucker said "Culture eats strategy for breakfast" and Chase knows that culture is built from the top down, by developing the individuals first.


Chase holds a rolodex of certifications, including being one of 50 Enlifted Level 3 Coaches in the world, and is on the education team for Enlifted Coaches.

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